The Edge is part of Life Teen, an international Catholic ministry, founded in Mesa, AZ, in 1985. Since then, it has spread to 31 countries, and 1,600 parishes. It is a comprehensive youth ministry program based on, focused on, and directed toward the Eucharist. The Edge, now in over 1,100 parishes, is geared specifically to middle school adolescents who are on “the Edge” because so much is going on in their lives. It can be a very stressful and difficult time for young people and their parents. Within the context of faith, middle school youth are moving from a child-like spirituality to an independent ownership of their Catholic faith and identity. Through the Edge, we hope they will reach this pinnacle.

While 100% Catholic, Edge is open to youth of any faith in grades 6, 7 and 8.

Edge was established at Saint Patrick Church in January 2010, as the middle school youth ministry program, as well as the replacement for the religious education program for young people in grades 6, 7 and 8. The Edge meets Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8 PM, from October through about May. Snacks are served prior to the start of each program.

Also as part of the Edge experience, we integrate a 6 day summer retreat experience for 7th and 8th graders at Life Teen’s Edge Camp -  Hidden Lake in Dahlonega, GA.  This outrageously fun experience helps youth to grow deeper in their faith and sets the groundwork for their Life Teen experience.

Edge is for 6th, 7th and 8th grade youth. Parents are always welcome to observe a program.  However, due to participant safety concerns, we ask that you check in with Joe Goodman, prior to the start of the evening’s program.

Our goal is to lead teens closer to Christ.


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Sacramental Preparation

The Edge is the Confirmation Preparation Program at Saint Patrick Church. This three-year program includes a curriculum that covers the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It meets, or exeeds the Diocesan guidelines for preparation, and is anticipated to meet the guidelines being developed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. For a complete listing of night topics and program names, please refer to the Edge News box, which is updated regularly, or the Edge Calendar, provided each year at the Candidate & Parent Meeting.

Diocesan policy requires that youth be in at least eighth grade and have a minimum of two years of immediate preparation in the faith. Students who choose to be candidates for Confirmation must attend the Edge program, be enrolled at Saint Patrick School, or be home-schooled for their academic education.

All candidates are required to submit necessary paperwork, and are expected to attend the eighth grade Confirmation Retreat, complete twenty hours of community service, and attend and participate in ten religious devotional experiences during their preparation. All candidates and their parents are provided program specifics at a Candidate and Parent Meeting held each September. Please note that this meeting is for all candidates and their parents, regardless of whether they are public scbool, parochial school, or home school. Attendance is expected each of the three years. Dates will be published in the parish bulletin, as well as in the Edge News box on this site.

The Edge Nights are mandatory for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade public school candidates. Additionally, they are highly suggested for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade home school and parochial school candidates, as they bring these candidates into community with the greater parish.

In terms of the Edge Nights, topics include both Catechetical themes, as well as periodic issue nights, covering subjects relevant to middleschoolers.

Dates and deadlines for paperwork submission, and other important notices will also be published in the bulletin and the Edge News box, as well as on the Important Dates & Deadlines At-A-Glance, handed out each year at the Candidate and Parent Meeting.

Candidates for Confirmation do not go through the process alone. In addition to their parents, the primary catechists in their children’s faith lives, there is the Edge CORE, and the candidates’ sponsors. Sponsors should play a big part in walking with the candidate, not only towards the Sacrament of Confirmation, but in the years that follow. For this reason, we encourage the candidate to select their sponsor as early as possible, preferably by the start of their 7th grade year, so that the shared faith journey together might begin. All candidates and their sponsors are asked to attend a Candidate and Sponsor Meeting held near the end of October each year. The meeting is mandatory for all 7th grade candidates, and their sponsors are asked to attend, and for any 8th grader and their sponsor, who did not attend the previous year. Dates for this meeting will be published in the parish bulletin, on the Edge News box, on the Important Dates & Deadlines At-A-Glance sheet, and on the Edge Calendar of Events sheet.

Confirmation Retreat

The two day Confirmation Retreat is such a critical part of the Edge program. Regardless of how much we “know” about our faith, the Sacrament, and Our God, unless we have had that personal encounter with Jesus Christ and have come to know Him in our hearts, we have not begun to approach that real relationship that God desires with us. To provide that opportunity to really experience Christ, or perhaps that opportunity to go deeper in relationship with Him, the Confirmation Retreat is mandatory for all 8th graders expecting to receive the Sacrament. There are no excuses for missing the retreat, and there are no “make-ups”.

How many times do we look forward to a vacation from school or from our everyday busy lives? We go to the beach, to the mountains, just about anywhere to get away and recharge our batteries. The retreat is intended to do the same. It will give us the chance to get away from the things that prevent us from focusing on Our Lord, to go away, to have fun, to relax, but more importantly, to recharge our spiritual battery. When we return from retreat, we can guarantee that our lives will be changed. The current cost is only $30 for the retreat (which goes from noon on Saturday into the late evening and then from early Sunday morning through the conclusion of the Life Teen Mass on Sunday), covers all meals (including dinner and lunch), materials, and a t-shirt. Anyone needing financial assistance is encouraged to contact Joe Goodman.

The retreat dates and times for those planning on being Confirmed in 2019 will be noon until about 10pm on Saturday, November 3, 2018 and then from 9AM until the conclusion of the Life Teen Mass on Sunday, November 4, 2018.

The retreat takes place in the Parish Activity Center.

Edge Camp - Hidden Lake

Edge Camp-Hidden Lake is a 6 day summer camp experience for youth in grades 7 and 8 during the year before that summer. Edge Camp-Hidden Lake is located just outside Dahlonega, GA on a beautiful 200 acre campus that’s surrounded by the Chattahoochee National Forest in northern Georgia. This outrageously fun experience with youth from all over the country helps them grow deeper in their faith and sets the groundwork for their Life Teen experience.

The specific dates of the camp vary from year to year, and are dependent on camp availability. Life Teen currently hosts 21 camps each summer, about 8 for Edge youth. Each camp fills up within minutes of online registrations. For this reason, it is critical to have all registration paperwork completed and fees submitted by the published deadlines. Typically, registration for camp takes place in mid to late October for the following summer.

The cost of camp is currently $520 plus $100.00 towards the cost of transportation. Please note that the Edge programs subsidizes the extra costs for air and ground transportation, significantly. For more information on camp, or for financial assistance, please contact Joe Goodman.

Registration for camp in 2019 will take place in August and the beginning of September 2018.  Please keep an eye on this page and the bulletin for details and registration forms.




Edge News
CORE Member Contact Information

Joe Goodman jgoodman@saintpatrickchurch.org


Lisa Barnes seanlisabarnes@aol.com

Matthew Bauer theqznar@gmail.com

Lenora Cuccia musicologistmom@yahoo.com

Phillip Cuccia phillipcuccia@gmail.com

Bill Currie billcurrie4@gmail.com

Mike Dargay Michael.j.dargay@gmail.com

Zach Daron zdaron27@gmail.com

Angie Dolheimer adolheimer@spscarlisle.org

Mike Gent mjg11329@yahoo.com

Bob Grochalski Robert.grochalski@capbluecross.com

Bob Hirsch robertrhirsch@yahoo.com

Chris Morton ctajmorton@gmail.com

Andrew Razanauskas Andrew.razanauskas@carlislesyntec.com

Linda Reilly lindar428@yahoo.com

Jodee Russell jodeetk@yahoo.com

Ken Russell imdry9@gmail.com

Megan Shevlin mshevlin@comcast.net

Teresa Smithmyer pghfans4@outlook.com

Missy Sutliff mlsutliff@gmail.com

Fran Welsh thewelshs@aol.com

Teen EDGE Core:

Alex Bickert
Megan Calogero
Rosalina Cuccia
Emma Daron
Dan Davenport
Joe Durbin
Sarah Ebert
Thomas Gamble
Teresa Herring
John Key
Brinn Mancuso
Evan Mancuso
Emily Munoz
Marta Nguyen
Caleb Padgett
Casey Padgett
Caitlin Phillips
Madison Pontious
Zach Rodgers
Liam Shevlin
Michael Smith
Kieran Smithmyer
Olivia Trombley
Savannah Whitzel
John Witkowski

To contact one of the Edge Teen CORE members, please go through Joe Goodman

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